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Hey guys :) This is my personal blog that includes mostly reblogs and sometimes little pieces of myself. It goes out to all those ridiculous people who question what actually goes on in the world. Hope you enjoy!

Apr 06 2014
Mar 25 2014
Mar 07 2014
"I am no expert on love,
But I have a few suggestions to keeping your love alive.
1- Don’t fall asleep angry. But if you do, wake up in the middle of the night and hold her as close as you can.
2- Laugh during sex, especially if you bump heads. If you aren’t laughing, you’re with the wrong person.
3- If you don’t feel comfortable dancing naked with your partner and showing them your four chins when you laugh, you’re doing it wrong.
4- Romance isn’t for everyone, but a post-it note in their lunchbox telling them they’re the best will never go amiss.
5- Don’t cling to them at parties. Dance with friends and spend time with acquaintances, but wink at each other across the room.
6- Keep everything 50/50, or you will fall out of balance.
7- Stop comparing your relationship to others- you are you, don’t try to be someone else.
8- Be kind. Give them space when they need it, but be their home when they come back.
9- Be proud to love them.
10- Support them through whatever they do in life, even if it’s a stupid decision. People need to make their own mistakes, but be there if it falls apart, and never say ‘I told you so’.
And most of all, love with your whole heart, or don’t love at all."
Mar 04 2014

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Mar 03 2014
Mar 02 2014
Mar 02 2014
"Do you really think anyone in this world, compares to you in my eyes?"
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Mar 02 2014

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Feb 27 2014

NEDAwareness week 2014


NEDAwareness week 2014

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Feb 27 2014

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